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AS Degree - Major in FIRE SCIENCE

Applied Science & Technology Division

Upon successful completion of the Associate In Science Degree Fire Science, the student demonstrates skills for the fulfillment of the lower-division requirements for any accredited baccalaureate institution, preparation for participation in the Basic Fire Fighter Academy, and a job in law enforcement.

Total Units Required 61-64

First Semester Units

FIRE 70 Fire Protection Organization 3

FIRE 71 Fire Protection Technology 3

POLSCI 1 American Government 3


HIST 17A History of the United States 3


HIST 17B History of the United States 3

SOCIO 1A Introduction to Sociology 3

CS 11 Fundamentals of Computer Science 3

Second Semester

FIRE 74 Fire Behavior & Combustion 3

H S 77B Emergency Medical Technician 5

PSYCH 1 Introduction to Psychology 3


PSYCH 20 Stress Management 1

ENG 1A Written Communications 3

*ELECTIVES Elective course 3

Third Semester

FIRE 72 Fire Protection Equipment & Systems 3

FIRE 73 Building Construction for Fire Protection 3

PHILO 40 Ethics 3

COMM ST 1A Fundamentals of Speech 3

ELECTIVES Elective course 3

Fourth Semester

FIRE 95A Fire Command, Fire Strategy & Tactics 3

MATH 1 Calculus 5

ELECTIVE Humanities Requirement 3

ELECTIVE Natural Science Requirement 3-4

ELECTIVES Elective course


Please refer to page 61 for program Special Admission Requirement information.


Applied Science & Technology Division

Upon successful completion of the Fluid Power and Automation Technology A.S. Degree, the student demonstrates the skills, knowledge and training for employment in the following fluid power industry positions: fluid power mechanic, fluid power technician, salesperson in fluid power industry; ability to apply his/her knowledge of physics and mathematics in solving applied fluid power problems; plan and install complex fluid power systems; maintain, troubleshoot, and repair control systems using proper tools and procedures; and select, compile, and use technical information from reference materials; and preparation to take the Fluid Power Society certification exams for fluid power mechanics, technicians, and specialists; preparation to transfer to a four-year Bachelor's Degree program. This program is accredited by the Fluid Power Education Foundation (FPEF) as one of their nationally recognized "Key Schools" supporting the fluid power industry.

Total Units Required 60.5
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units

INDUS 31 Industrial Hydraulics 4

E TECH 3 Engineering Drafting Skills 3

CS 11* Computer Science Fundamentals 3

ENG 1A* Written Communications 3

MATH 82** Intermediate Algebra 4

Second Semester

INDUS 37 Industrial Pneumatics 4

ELECT 11 AC & DC Network Analysis 5


ELECT 30 Fundamentals of Electricity 5

PHYSC 10 Introduction to Physics 4

COMM ST 1A* Fundamentals of Speech 3

Third Semester

INDUS 35 Mobile Hydraulics 4

ELECT 13A Integrated Circuits 4.5

ART 4* Exploring Art 3

POLSC 1 American Government 3

Fourth Semester

INDUS 41 Instrumentation and Process Control 3

ELECT 16 Introduction to Microprocessors 3

MECH 15 Machine Tool Process 4

ECON 1A Principles of Economics (Macro) 3

* Recommended General Education Electives

**Recommended General Education Mathematics Elective or another mathematics course from MATH 87, 31 or 36

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