The Grants Office at San Joaquin Delta College works within the office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness to assist faculty and administrators in securing funds to support innovative programs and special projects.

    Step1: First Steps


    • Identify Goals and Objectives
    • Align with Delta’s Strategic Plan

    Consult Affected Colleagues

    • Outline Project Activities
    • Get Approval from Dean and VP

    Get Support

    • Complete Grant Interest Form
    • Meet with Grants Office to Identify Funders and get technical assistance with the process.

    Step 2: Research, Plan & Write

    List Project Needs

    • Does your proposed project need additional Facilities & Technology?
    • Will you need a Program Manager? Research Analyst? Fiscal Analyst? 

    Draft Project Narrative

    • Conduct a Literature Review of Effective Practice(s)
    • Articulate Project Goals with Measurable Objectives
    • Develop a Management Plan with a Timeline of activities, including personnel responsible for each activity
    • Draft an Evaluation Plan
    • Complete a Budget with brief rationale for each line item

    Step 3: Refine Proposal

    • Expand the Literature Review to establish our need for the project and the anticipated effectiveness of the activities you’re proposing for the project
    • Prepare a Draft Narrative that articulates the project’s specific Goals, and the Measurable Objectives that help achieve those goals. This may include a Logic Model or Study Design  (as appropriate) that will help inform the Evaluation Plan, and a Management Plan that details project activities, responsible personnel, benchmarks and timelines.
    • Revisit the Budget to ensure all project costs are delineated, including facilities, technology, personnel, materials and equipment needs, as well as evaluation activities.

    Step 4: Get Final Approvals

    Sign off from institutional groups

    • Department/Division Dean
    • Vice President
    • Superintendent
    • Board of Trustees

    Step 5: Grant Submissions

    The Grants Office at San Joaquin Delta College will submit your proposal on your behalf.

    • Ensure all line items are aligned with contracts, procurement policies, etc.
    • Always set a goal to submit early


    Please involve the grants office as soon as you identify a potential grant opportunity. Notifying the Director of Grants Management before you start work on a proposal is beneficial in the following ways:

    • It helps us to better understand how many grant opportunities there are and how many we pursues and align those with the Strategic Plan.
    • We are better informed about grant activity across the colleges and at the district level.
    • We can make strategic decisions about which grants to pursue at the individual or multi-college level or district-wide.
    • It ensures we are as competitive as possible. For example, some funders only allow one application per organization; other times, they will make one award per geographic area.
    • We can avoid conflicts with submissions being made by other departments.
    • We can help identify support and training needs.