Area Redistricting 2022

Redistricting is the process of analyzing current Census data and drawing district lines, if needed, and trustee representative areas. This process is done every 10 years after US Census data has been released.  The San Joaquin Delta Community College District has asked consultative services Karin Mac Donald of Q2 Data & Research, LLC to facilitate the process of determining trustee area boundaries for the seven trustee representative areas that include:

Trustee Area Counties
1 San Joaquin Only
2 San Joaquin Only
3 San Joaquin Only
4 San Joaquin, Sacramento and Solano
5 San Joaquin, Sacramento and Calaveras
6 San Joaquin and Alameda
7 San Joaquin

2022 Trustee Map


The team from Q2 Data & Research will provide an overview of the redistricting process, review the District’s current trustee area boundaries, and facilitate a discussion on evaluating the areas and address any necessary adjustments to trustee area boundaries consistent with the California Voting Rights Act. The Board of Trustees will gather additional public input and provided initial feedback on potential trustee area boundary changes. Special meetings may be scheduled to enable the Board to complete the process. Members of the public are encouraged to participate in this Census redistricting process.

Final Maps

Draft Maps and Demographics

Public Hearing Dates

Additional Information

Notice and agendas for board meetings are posted on our website at least 72 hours in advance and plans will be published seven days in advance of the hearings on this webpage. Members of the public are encouraged to participate in these public hearings to provide input on draft maps and proposals. Input may also be submitted via email to: