Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the Dual Enrollment Program courses be held?

The DEP courses will be held on high school campuses in the San Joaquin and Calaveras counties.

When will the Dual Enrollment Program courses be in session?

The days and times the courses are in session vary depending on high schools’ schedules

Who will be teaching these courses?

SJDC certified instructors will be teaching all the DEP courses. In most cases, the instructor will be an existing SJDC faculty member who will travel to teach at the high school campus. In other cases, the instructor will be a high school teacher that has been hired and certified by SJDC to teach the DEP courses.

Can anyone take these courses? Can any high school student in a participating school district take the DEP courses?

The DEP courses are not open to the public; they are only open to high school students in participating school districts.

Students in participating school districts are not required to be in any special academic programs to take the DEP courses. All students in good standing with the high school may enroll.

How many courses can a student take a year?

A student may take up to 15 units per semester, pending continued principal approval. The DEP Coordinator may recommend that the student take less units based on assessing the student's maturity and academic readiness.

Will these courses count for HS credit?

Each school district will individually determine if these courses will count for HS credit.

What if a student does not do well in the course?

Course requirements and expectations will be clearly outlined by each faculty member at the beginning of the class. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that he/she is able to meet the standards set for a college level course.

It is worth noting that the grades the student earns while taking the DEP courses will be added to the student's official college transcript. Care and consideration should be made when taking any college courses.

Can I take other SJDC classes?

Yes. In addition to DEP courses, the student may also take courses under the College Early Start (CES) Program and attend any of the SJDC campuses and/or platforms, i.e the main campus in Stockton, Canvas Online, Mountain House, and SJDC at Lodi.

In any given semester a student may take courses under both programs as long as the combined units do not exceed the 11 unit limit for high school students.

Can I use financial aid?

The are no costs associated with courses under the DEP, so you will not need financial aid.

You may use financial aid for courses under the CES program; nonetheless, financial aid has eligibility limits that might affect the student once he graduates from high school and wants to attend college as an adult. Students and parents should consider the pros and cons of using financial aid while the student is still in high school.

What about the cost of textbooks?

Instructors for some courses allow students to check out textbooks for free. Most use OER Textbooks (Open Education Resource) which a student can access online. These measures result in no cost for the student.

Since several textbooks are only available online, students should consider these courses only if they have easy and daily access to the internet and a computer.

What do I have to do to get signed up to take DEP courses at my high school?

Follow the Steps To Apply.

How do I drop a course?

You can drop a course in your MyDelta Student Portal. Learn More About Dropping a Class.

A student may also discuss dropping with the instructor who MAY provide assistance in dropping. 

Reminder: It is the student's responsibility to drop a course - including knowing the dates for dropping without a "W" as well as to drop without a grade (but with a "W").

There is an issue with my grade and/or "W" - how do I correct it?

A student should discuss the situation with the instructor.

If a student would like to request a change of grade, he/she will need to complete the Petition for Change to Academic Record Form and send it to:

San Joaquin Delta College Admissions and Records Office Attn: [i.e. Admission, Evaluations, Grade Change, etc.] 5151 Pacific Avenue, Box 102 Stockton, CA 95207

What if I do not see my high school on the list of schools?

Currently, the list of high schools reflect the existing MOU's between Delta College and the corresponding School District. If your High School is not listed, most likely there is not an agreement in place to hold DEP courses on your campus at this time.

Still have questions?

If you did not find an answer to your question, please contact our Dual Enrollment program or you may contact your high school's dual enrollment program coordinator.

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