Current F-1 Students - What You Need to Know At Delta

Attendance Regulation and Absence from Class

Attendance Regulation

Regular class attendance is necessary for satisfactory academic progress. Attendance in class and laboratory sessions is an obligation assumed by every student at the time of registration. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to attend a class if not officially enrolled. Any student who fails to attend a class during the first three sessions may be dropped unless the student has advised the instructor and obtained an absence approval from them in advance. An instructor may drop a student from class when absences become excessive. Excessive absences are one more absence than the class meets per week. Example:  if the class meets three times per week then the maximum number of absences allowed is four.

Absence from Class

Absences for medical reasons of less than one week do not need to be reported to the College.  If you are ill or injured, or have a personal emergency, and must be absent from classes for one week or longer, notify your professors and the International Student Program (ISP) Office immediately to discuss your options.

Holds/Service Indicators

A service indicator, also known as a hold, is a block on your record that prevents you from future registration for classes (including dropping classes in the current term) and accessing your grades, transcripts, diplomas, certificates, and registration privileges.  The following table provides a list of Holds common for F-1 students.

Hold Code What You See on Your Student Record What the Hold Does
R21 INTL Student Insurance Prevents adding or dropping classes; applied prior to Registration each term, removed when proof of insurance has been submitted.
R37 INTL Student Alert Indicates a problem with the student’s F-1 Status; prevents adding, dropping, and transcript request.
R71 Non-Resident Unpaid Balance Indicates fees are owed; prevents adding, dropping, and transcript request.

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Appointments with an International Student Counselor

During your first semester, you are required to schedule an appointment with the International Student Counselor, Dr. Cheuyengthere Xiong, for a multi-semester Student Education Plan (SEP). You should see your counselor at least once each semester. Identify yourself as an international student when you schedule the appointment so that you are given the full hour allotted for International Students.

Counseling appointments may be scheduled in-person, by LiveChat, or phone:

A limited number of appointments are available weekdays starting at 8:00 am. Once the appointments have been assigned for the day you must wait until the next day for new appointments to be available. Plan ahead! Appointments are always scheduled two weeks ahead. Be sure to schedule an appointment before Registration begins to avoid long wait times.

How to Schedule an Appointment with the ISP Office

We are available for in person as well as virtual appointments, Monday-Thursday 9 am - 12 pm & 1 pm - 3 pm.  

To schedule an appointment please email your full name, student ID number if available, a contact number as well as provide a reason for the appointment. Once that information is received, we will email you to schedule a date and time for the appointment. 

Fees and Refunds

Paying School Fees

Enrollment and tuition fees must be paid when you register for classes. You are responsible for payment of all fees for all classes for which you register, whether or not you attend the class.  Pay close attention to the refund date listed for each class on your Class Schedule. It is your responsibility to drop the class by the refund date. If you drop after the refund date, you will not be eligible for a refund.  

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Refund Dates and Requesting Reimbursement

The Refund Date is the last day you are allowed to drop or withdraw from a class and not have to pay for it.  Pay close attention to the refund dates of your classes, especially late-starting or short-term classes.

  • If you paid your fees then drop a class before the refund date, the fees will automatically be credited to your account but you must submit a Refund Request Form to the Admissions Office before the published deadline in order to be reimbursed.  Learn more about the Refund Policy and Procedure. 
  • If you drop classes after the refund date, you will be required to pay the full tuition amount whether you attended or not – no exceptions.  See your individual class schedule for specific refund date or the online Schedule of Classes and Registration Calendar for general refund dates. 
Registration and Registration Priority

Registration for the Fall semester begins mid-June, for the Spring semester in mid-November, and for the Summer intercession in mid-April. After your first semester, you will be assigned a registration appointment automatically. Your appointment date and time is the earliest that you begin adding classes. You must provide proof of medical insurance for the upcoming semester and pay current semester fees before you may register for classes.

If you are studying English as a Second Language (ESL), the ESL Lab, located in Holt 201, will assist you with registration.

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Registration Priority

An earlier registration appointment means better class selection so you should be ready to register on your appointment date and time by making sure all college fees have been paid and proof of insurance has been submitted.

F-1 Students are part of Group Two: Special Populations for Priority Registration, which means you are eligible for second-day registration. You must complete the Priority Registration Requirements to receive second-day registration.

Priority Registration Requirments

Student Identification (ID) Cards - Mustang Pass

The Mustang Pass is the official Delta College student identification card.  The card includes your photo, full name, and student ID number.  Students who pay the $10 Student Activity fee are eligible to receive a Mustang Pass, which provides a number of benefits such as discounts at the Delta College Bookstore, Cafeteria, and local businesses, access to free events and promotional gifts, scholarships, discount tickets to Associated Students of Delta College (ASDC) sponsored concerts, comedy shows, and special events.

How to Get Your Mustang Pass

Medical Insurance - How to Submit Proof

Proof of medical insurance coverage for the semester is required before you will be allowed to register for classes each term. The policy period you purchase must be in effect for the duration of the semester, from the first day of the term to the last day of finals. The ISP Office offers policy options for your convenience. For links to suggested insurance companies, see the Student Insurance Resources section at the Helpful Links page.

You may purchase other insurance or purchase insurance in your home country if you choose, however the policy must meet the minimum standard requirement of $150,000 per occurrence and you must provide proof of coverage each term. The ISP Office will email all current students before Registration begins to provide full details, including the deadline to provide new proof of insurance and the coverage dates (begin and end dates). An administrative hold will be placed on your student record before Registration begins that prevents adding or dropping classes until proof of insurance is submitted.

How to Submit Proof of Insurance

  1. Purchase the insurance policy of your choice. The minimum benefit per occurrence must be $150,000.
  2. Submit proof of coverage by the deadline to the ISP Office by forwarding the confirmation email you received with attachments from the insurance company or a summary of your coverage to The policy start and end dates are required on any proof of insurance that you submit.
  3. The insurance hold will be removed within one working day of receipt. Check your student record to verify the insurance hold has been removed. NOTE: If you would like confirmation that your proof of insurance has been received you must send your email using the “Request Read Receipt” option from your email provider, example: or Individual confirmations will not be sent due to the volume of emails received.
Know Your P/DSO

If you are an F-1 student studying in the United States, your Principal/Designated School Official (P/DSO) should be the first person you talk with if you have any questions regarding the legal requirements of your stay in the United States. Get to know your P/DSO. They can assist in answering your questions or help you find someone who can help. Your DSO is Majed Altaian. They can be reached by email at or by phone at (209) 954-5151 Extension 6164.

Contact your P/DSO at the ISP Office immediately if you need to do any of the following:

  • Change your major, program, or degree level.
  • Change your education level.
  • Transfer to a new school.
  • Take a break or leave of absence from school.
  • Travel outside the United States.
  • Move to a new address.
  • Request a program extension.
  • Employment options.