Lt. Tony Knapp

San Joaquin County Sheriff (Records and Training)
Tony Knapp



Hello, my name is Tony Knapp. I have been with the San Joaquin County Sheriff Office for 16 years. During that time I have worked in the jail as a Custody Training Officer, Custody Emergency Response Team member, Correctional Sergeant, Training Sergeant and finally promoted to Lieutenant. During my Lieutenant run I managed the Honor Farm, Alternative Sentencing Program, Community Corp Program, Training Division, Records Division and State Compliance unit.

  • I decided to enter the field of corrections because: I was interested in Law Enforcement I applied for deputy but only had corrections open so I accepted and stayed due to the family environment and rewarding work.
  • The most unusual job I ever had: Tower Records I got to talk to people about music and listen to all kinds of music.
  • I felt it was important serve on Board and Commission: To help shed light and share different perspective.
  • Hardest thing I ever done: Had to discipline someone who use to supervise and I became their boss.
  • My favorite way to relax: Playing video games or working out
  • Favorite meal: Sushi
  • One item from bucket list: Want to go to Israel.
  • 3 people living or deceased id invite to dinner: Jesus Christ, Kanye West and John MacArthur
  • You’d be surprise to learn that: I was a rapper
  • I am proud of most: My marriage and my children
  • My motto is: GET UP
  • If there is one piece of advice to give anyone considering corrections as a career, it would be: be a great team mate, be a great leader and always keep pushing to get better.
Office / TrAC / Department:
Social Science, Education and Public Service
Administration of Justice