Foster & Kinship Care Education (FKCE) Program is education and support program for Resource Families in San Joaquin County. We partner with the San Joaquin County Human Services Agency (HSA) to offer required education classes for the Resource Family Approval (RFA) process. Additionally, we offer a community of support to help families continue offering welcoming and loving homes. Current services and support include:

  • Orientation is a 3-hour class that explains everything involved in becoming an approved resource family. Definitions, steps, application process and what your responsibilities would be if you decide to become a foster parent, relative caregiver, an adoptive parent, and/or guardian. No commitment is necessary to continue the approval process!
  • Pre-Service Education classes start after your application and initial steps. Your RFA worker will sign you up for classes with us either online or in-person at Delta College.
  • Annual Education classes are offered for resource families to maintain their approval status through San Joaquin County.
  • CPR/First-Aid Training & Certification is offered for FREE to new resource families and at a low-cost for families needing re-certification.
  • Resource Family Support Group offers a caregiver-to-caregiver support network. You are able to make connections with other caregivers, get support, learn about resources, and enjoy fun family activities together.

To start the application process please go to To find out more information about FKCE please email or call 209-954-5850.