Drop-In meetings are for quick questions and limited to services that typically take 10-15 minutes to answer and may include the following: 

  • Course Repeat Petitions, 
  • ASEP (1 semester education plan) 
  • Applications for AA/AS degree 

Sessions are on a first come, first served basis and depend on counselor availability. If you are unable to see a counselor for a drop-in we recommend to schedule an appointment or try another day.

Appointments are also available if you need more time. The following topics require a scheduled appointment (these cannot be addressed during a Drop-In session):

  • Financial Aid Appeals 
  • International Student Services 
  • Academic/Progress Probation 
  • Transfer Agreements 
  • Veteran Services


Please see the Counseling Office Hours page.

Open LiveChat
(From the Counseling Home page)

Schedule an Appointment
In-person in DeRicco 234, by phone at (209) 954-5151 Ext.6276, or via LiveChat.

Send Your Question via E-mail  to a Counselor 
(4 days response time).


Drop-in Session in 3 Easy Steps
Step 1
Sign up In-person or via LiveChat
Visit the Counseling department in DeRicco 234 or LiveChat to be added to the waitlist/queue to meet with a staff member or counselor.
Step 2
Wait for the Next Available Staff Member
After being added to the waitlist/queue, you will meet with a counselor in-person or by phone (if scheduled via LiveChat) when you are next in the queue. Have a seat in the waiting room or wait patiently by your phone for a call.
Step 3
Meet with a Counselor
A counselor will meet with you in-person or by phone at the number you provided at check in. Thank you in advance for your patience as our staff works as fast as possible to connect you to our counseling services.