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Class Presentations

The CTE Workforce Development Center  (WDC) staff would be delighted to speak to your class about the services we offer.

About the Presentation

Students will learn about numerous beneficial services provided at the  WDC.

The WDC staff will go over information regarding work-based learning of career preparation and job development including career pathways, resume/cover letter building, and job opportunities.  Students will also have the chance to learn about JobSpeaker and WorkNet along with great resources they offer for FREE to Delta College students.  Students are encouraged to contact our Workplace Internship Coordinator to schedule an appointment
for services.

Please contact us to schedule your class presentation. 

We hope to see you soon!

Don't Cancel Class!

If you are considering canceling a class but really would rather not, contact the CTE Workforce Development Center! 

Our staff would appreciate the opportunity to introduce and discuss work-based learning services which connects students to high demand, high wage technical skilled workforce
opportunities. We are here to help current and recent graduate students of Career Technical Education programs (CTE) to advance in academic achievements to professional success.  Career preparation and job development is the focus with resume development, mock interview sessions, employment and internship opportunities, career fair, and industry events.

Contact us if you are looking for an alternative to canceling class!