Latino Medical Student Association


Welcome to Latino Medical Student Association! If you're pursuing a career in the medical field and want to serve your community, then come and join Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA). At our meetings you will get to meet other aspiring pre health students, network with doctors and premed students, learn about internships and scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and get to attend pre health conferences. All majors are welcome to join.

Club Description

Latino Medical Student Association is a club that supports students pursuing a career in the medical field. Their goal is to provide opportunities in the medical field through volunteerism and internships and building professional relationships. Please contact the Club President and/or Advisor if you are interested in joining.

Club Advisors and Officers

Title Name Email
Advisor Amir Assadi-Radmas
Co-Advisor Cassandra Hernandez
President Nadia Wisal


TBD, please contact Club President for more information regarding club meetings and events.