Megan Angolia

Visions In Clay 2020

Megan AngoliaMegan Angolia

Artist Statement:

Utilizing thousand-year-old clay techniques, I create tightly rendered ceramic busts of female portraiture. Blending traditional methods with contemporary content, in this series of sculptures I craft women suspended in unexpectedly relatable mundane moments.

Historically women are depicted as either accessories to men or objects of desire. For me, everything from doing laundry to irritating a coworker offers inspiration. Pulling from autobiographical experiences serves to showcase daily narratives frequently absent in fine art depictions of the female form. Clay’s ability to capture the diverse expression of the human condition dictates it as my primary material to communicate.

In the moments represented, their reactions distil the emotive by offering an intimate glimpse into a candid exchange. Titles further this connection by expanding on the context, with artwork titles like: If you find me dead in the guest room it’s because I tried plow pose or Remember when we thought Bush was a bad president? 

What results are animated portraits that concurrently capture the fleeting emotion of the subjects and offers critique on just who portraiture historically favors. 

No, I’m not sick I’m just not wearing makeup
Terracotta, underglaze, china paints, mixed media

Each piece in this series is individually sculpted. I initially slab build over a basic armature, cut it off and reassemble, then work hollow as I begin to sculpt the portrait. The work is low fired, reaching a peak of cone 04. Underglazes and china paints are applied in multiple layers to produce the surface finish.
9.25” x 5.5” x 6.5”