Lauren Clay

Visions In Clay 2020

Lauren Clay

Artist Statement:

My sculptural works are often ambiguous forms that amplify texture and poke at the boundaries of what clay as a material can do. There is an inherent fragility and vulnerability in ceramics. It is known to be breakable, but is stronger than you think. I often think of this as a fitting metaphor for people in body and emotions. The arch, one of the strongest architectural forms is a recurring element in my work, for both its structural strength and beauty.

Blue Cylinder with Stripey Straps
Porcelain with Mason Stains, Cone 8 Oxidation
4” x 8” x 8”

Trifold Screen Archie
Porcelain and Dark Brown Stoneware Slips, Cone 6 Oxidation
3” x 4” x 7”