Brian Peshek

Visions In Clay 2020

Brian Peshek |

Artist Statement:

This work belongs to a series of graphic works and ceramic assemblages that focuses on presenting my interest in the varied and unique styles and types of ceramic devices and apparatus juxtaposed with images making mild, and open ended political statements.  I am fascinated with the history of ceramics, the processes of ceramics production and the form of those implements used to make ceramic objects is in some ways just as intriguing as the end works themselves.  I like to use classic illustrations and stock scenes found in prominent books on similar subjects that are standards in their subject.  In some works, disparate iconography is used to complete a design in which a pictogram puzzle, or rebus, is created, querying the viewer into participation, and ultimately solving the puzzles message.


Brian's Art


Acta non verba (deeds not words), Plateau tableau #2.
Slab-built and slip cast terra cotta with engobe, glaze, transfer decals, and found ceramic object.
Wall mounted: 13" x 12" x 12"