Kathy Pallie

Visions In Clay 2020

Kathy Pallie

kpallie@comcast.net | www.kathypallieart.com​

Artist Statement:

After an exciting career in commercial art designing with many different media, I rediscovered clay, a tactile and intriguing material that has captured my interest ever since.  My clay artwork is mostly hand-built, using clay slabs, coils, and extruded components, evoking both the visual and tactile senses. My work ranges in scale from small 3” coil baskets to large scale architectural installations such as the 4’ x 8’ Ritz-Carlton wall art of aspen trees.

Inspired by Nature, an organic thread flows through my work reflecting the unlimited variety of surface textures, patterns, and energy I find in my natural surroundings. I enjoy creating artworks that allow me to bring the essence of the outdoors into interior spaces.


Ebony Landscape Trio
High fire clay, fired to cone 5 in electric kiln to achieve black color
Three wall panels each 18” x 12” x 3”