Anthony Maki Gill

Visions In Clay 2020

Anthony Maki Gill

Artist Statement:

Red Red Swine:
This sculpture is one of a series of “swine forms”. It is part of a body of work; reliquary objects, urns, bone jars, and sometimes chamber pots, that explore themes of consumption, collection and greed.

I am also intrigued by the biblical perception of Pigs as the “unclean”- the forbidden, their capacity to transmit disease to humans, and their role as human organ donors and sources of food for society.

An Antique & Very White Binary: 'Art of Fact' Series:
This abstract clay painting is my attempt and making quantum physics visible. I am painting with star dust in the form of silica-iron-carbon & water. I use these building blocks of the universe to make primal marks with my hands, my feet, my body. I see the work as maps of my internal and external multiverses. They are either human 3d printed /analog paintings, or they are a small part of some grand ‘simulation’ — predetermined without analog intervention.

Red Red Swine 
Hand-built stoneware and porcelain washed in red ink and flat black aerosol paint; cone 2 oxidation
22" x 33" x 24”

An Antique & Very White Binary: 'Art of Fact' Series
clear glazed antique and very white casting slip and iron on stoneware; cone 6 oxidation
23" x 22" x 2”