Brian Caponi

Visions In Clay 2020

Brian Caponi

Artist Statement:

on beginning, is constructed of individually rolled and pressed porcelain circles. They are fired separately to temperature and then rearranged in the kiln as rectangular panels. Utilizing glaze to fuse the parts together, these delicate panels are constructed and arranged to create the exact height and width dimensions of the window in bedroom where the artist grew up. It is a potent threshold and site embedded with notions around dislocation and longing, and the persistence of the human spirit.

Tracts and Parcels, as well as on beginning we apart of a group exhibition titled Measured Space, with Shawn Murrey and Thomas Schmidt at Alfred University’s, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery. This work was based directly on research relating to the property demarcations within the township of Alfred, where the exhibition took place. Using paper-thin porcelain tape-cast, I carefully cut the plots of land into the sheets and suspended the forms in the kiln on various armatures. The firing vitrifies the lines into precarious gestures. Placed within vitrines the blueprints of the overview of the land of the Township cast shadows across one another collapsing and reconfiguring site as a means to draw out the subtle suggestions of place, property, and body.

Best in Show Award

on beginning
porcelain, glaze, cone 6 oxidation, painted steel rods
48” x 36” x 9”  (4 panels on each set of rods, total of 48 panels, each panel is 12”x 10”)

Tracts and Parcels
custom fabricated porcelain tape cast, cone 6 oxidation, plexi glass, MDF, Steel
Table Dimensions: 32” x 28” x 32”