Pivot presents works by San Joaquin Delta College Photography students under the instruction of Professor Kirstyn Russell and Adjunct Instructor Arielle Rebek.  

In the exhibition Pivot , students reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic and life during quarantine. These photographs were all made by our darkroom photography students after we could no longer work in the lab due to the COVID-19 Shelter in Place order. There were tears and stress around the loss of the darkroom experience. Many of our students were suddenly working more hours as essential workers and some were now at home full time with children. Immediately, the photography department created a platform to continue working with minimal equipment.  Most of these photographs were taken using cell phones and represent the creativity and tenacity that embodies SJDC students. 

Students’ work depicts the new visual language of the pandemic as well as their psychological and emotional responses. This collection of photographs reveals how our students continue to process and document this historic and challenging time. 

Student Artists

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