Anita Love Smile

2023 Student Art Exhibition

Artist Statement:

I have always been creative, and I am now on a path to adding tools and skills that will allow me to further my creativity in ways I never thought of with Digital Photography. Enrolling in college at 58 is a hobby for me and I love that I do not have to feel the pressure of needing a career while I get to learn. I plan to get an Associates Arts Degree in Photography. That said, I am having so much fun doing night photography. The images I have submitted will show how I have captured motion while also bringing out the shadows and colors at night. The ability to develop digital images using Lightroom and Photoshop software is amazing, the possibilities are endless. Using film; developing negatives and prints was something I have done in my past yet the satisfaction of seeing the final product immediately is so much more fun for me. Having fun, and having a beautiful product I created is satisfying, and gives me confidence – what is better than that? Having these traits, and love & happiness; I am whole. I would like to have my photographs bring peace and happiness to those who enjoy them. Causing smiles, and as my name says (“I need a love smile”), makes me happy too. I will be sharing my work both on social media and in galleries while growing a photography business that provides me with some income.


Around the Bend (2023)
Digital Photograph
11” X 14”