Lyllianna Avila

2023 Student Art Exhibition


Artist Statement: 

The work I submitted tells the story of how I see the world in my eyes. Not only the beauty this world has to offer but the things hidden in the minds of others. I focused on contrast between colors to emphasis the distraction of others. I also concentrated on lines to create movement through my pieces to guide the viewer through the work. In the future I want to be a graphic designer, I am currently majoring in that right now. I have always loved art and found it as a calming way to reduce stress since I was little. It lets me escape to a different world and lose myself in the colors. Art is important for my future job, having be deal with advertisements for company’s and coming up with new ideas. Art is a way that people communicate, and I want my work to help communicate with others. For these pieces I used a mixture of photoshop, charcoal, alcohol markers, color pencils, and paint.  

“Foggy Thoughts” is from my AP 2D art and design class where I combined physical art drawn by hand with digital pictures’ I took correlating to the themes. “Pepino” was made with charcoal only. I find It easier to work with values rather that hue. The child is my sister. I wanted to capture a moment when she was happy. I added the white sort of mist around it to make it seem like it’s a memory fogging through.


Foggy Thoughts (2022)
Mixed media drawing and digital images
13’’h x 17.5’’w


Pepino (2022)
Charcoal, on Strathmore gray scale paper
18’’h x 12’’w