Samantha Marie Holcomb

2023 Student Art Exhibition

Artist Statement: 

As a child, I was always gifted with those art briefcases from craft stores. As I explored the various mediums provided, I found myself working the most with the little tubes of acrylic paint. Painting allows me to become fully immersed in my artwork and the emotions I associate with the piece. I find myself spending hours at a time on my work, there is a feeling when everything starts coming together that does not let me stop. Most of my paintings are self-portraits, focusing on parts of myself that I associated with past insecurities or habits. Though most of my paintings contain serious topics, I also like to express my more humorous side.

I am currently working towards my BFA in Studio Arts with a concentration in painting though I will be exploring other mediums for my creative expression. I plan to dedicate my life to creating and hope to one day inspire other creative kids to follow their passion.


Her Love (2022)
Acrylic on canvas, piercing needles
24”h x 18”w


Speak, See, Hear (2023)
Acrylic on canvas panels
7”h x 5”w
$200 each panel