Cultural Awareness Program

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Mission Statement

The Cultural Awareness Program Working Group will create and maintain programs that support a campus environment where cultural awareness leads to understanding and valuing diversity; and encourages knowledge, strength and unity within our students and the community-at-large.


Help to create an environment in which cultural awareness leads to the understanding and valuing of diversity at San Joaquin Delta College. Produce programs in alignment with the goals of the SJDC Student Equity Plan, especially in relation to the campus climate. Collaborate with campus, local, and regional groups to plan, fund, and produce educational events and programs to meet identified needs. Seek funding for the CAP programs and produce annual report of program outcomes.

Cultural Awareness Program Working Group

AP 2430 Governance Committee Structure

  • The CAP Working Group is a sub-committee of the Student Success and Equity Committee.
  • Executive Secretary: Dean of Student Learning and Assessment

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