Science and Math Center

Delta's New Science and Mathematics Building Open for Business!

Delta's Science and Math Building is one of many projects funded by the voter-approved Measure L bond.

Excitement grew among staff and students in anticipation of the opening of Delta College's beautiful new state-of-the-art Science and Mathematics Building. With the move-in accomplished, the big day had arrived - January 21, 2014! Students attended their first classes with a curiosity and eagerness one would expect from any new journey. A "great science adventure" was about to begin!

"Our new Science and Mathematics Building is an example of Delta's commitment to educate students for careers in science, technology, engineering and math," says Superintendent/President Dr. Kathy Hart. "These are the careers of the future."

Funded by a combination of Delta's 2004 Measure L Bond and state matching funds, the $74 million three story Science and Mathematics Building is replacing the outdated Cunningham Building, which is slated to be demolished as per the matching funds agreement. The new building incorporates materials and colors that reflect the modern "Village" character of existing campus centers. Highlights include a striking enclosed center atrium, which no doubt will become a popular student meeting place.

The building has a 70,000 sq. ft. laboratory core, with dry labs on the first floor, wet biology labs on the second floor, and chemistry labs on the third floor. "The labs are outfitted with the latest equipment expected in a modern college science classroom," says Salvador Vargas, Dean of Agriculture, Science and Mathematics. "All classrooms and laboratories will be technologically adapted for current and future instructional delivery methods."

The labs wrap around a central service core, consisting of tech offices, lab preparation rooms and lab storage rooms. Students will enter the labs from the opposite side of the central service core, providing safe separation of students and chemicals.

In addition to sophisticated laboratories, the Science and Math Building has 20,000 sq. ft. of classrooms on each floor. Each block of classrooms will be dedicated to a specific discipline. Included are high-tech "Smart Room" lecture halls. With improved student learning outcomes key, student break-out spaces, computer labs and a "Resource Center" for studying and tutoring are provided. A new computer laboratory will enable students to take more on-line hybrid sections of courses. To assist in these efforts, the college recently received a $3.8 million Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) grant to help low-income and Latino students pursue science careers.

Cohesion among staff is important in any working environment. This too, is considered in the Science and Math Building's environment. Dr. Matt Wetstein, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Instruction, adds, "The center's offices will have the entire discipline's faculty together in one location. This will create a more relaxed sharing of ideas and build camaraderie." Instructors will also have access to small conference rooms to facilitate faculty meetings and faculty/student sessions.

Clearly, the new Science and Mathematics Building is a shining example of Delta's leadership role in providing excellence in post-secondary education. "Delta College, Stockton and San Joaquin County will be proud of this beautiful center for years to come." Kathy Hart finishes, "Interested in a science and mathematics career? Check out San Joaquin Delta College!"

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