Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics (PERA)

Spring 2009 brought Delta College a beautiful new Softball Field, along with final enhancements to the DeRicco Football Field and Merv Smith Track. Delta's new venues have state-of-the-art artificial surfaces that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Our new athletic surfaces utilize the latest technologies, designed to respect human physiology and biomechanics. The surfaces promote improved athletic performance while safeguarding the athlete. Delta's "Mondo SX Track" is an "Olympic caliber" training and competition track that will benefit Delta's athletes for years to come.

These Measure L Bond projects joined the Soccer Field & Hammer Throw/Weight Events Area, completed during Fall 2008, and Delta's dazzling Nick Cecchetti Baseball Field, completed in Fall 2007.

Clearly, San Joaquin Delta College now boasts some of the finest athletic venues in the California Community College System. "Excellence in intercollegiate sports is a long held tradition at Delta College," said Athletic Director, Mary Ann Paz. "The Delta Athletic Department is very grateful for all the upgrades it received as a part of the Bond money."

The upgraded fields allow Delta's coaches to have more coaching days, especially during times of inclement weather. The new surfaces are designed to drain and dry much more efficiently than traditional turf fields; a great advantage for Delta's athletic programs.

Most important, Delta believes its PERA improvements will better service its athletes. "Our student-athletes are expected to pursue their academic goals as well as athletic goals," said Paz. "The coaches enjoy opportunities to show off the facilities to new recruits. The professionalism and dedication of our coaching staff supports rigorous standards and a high transfer rate to four-year institutions." Mary Ann Paz emphasized, "Our athletic curriculum accentuates physical and mental discipline and a strong work ethic to achieve common goals through teamwork."

Go Mustangs!