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Colleen Byars
Administrative Assistant II
Fiscal Services
(209) 954-5151, ext: 5023
Science, Engineering, Computer Science, and Math, Mathematics
(209) 954-5151, ext: 5341
Photo of Dionisio Cabacang
Associate Professor
Technical Careers and Trades
Photo of Kevin Cabrera
Interim Professor, Kitchen & Hospitality Operations
Arts, Humanities, and Multimedia
Community Education Supervisor
(209) 954-5151, ext: 5045
Photo of Delia Gomez
Administrative Assistant I
Social Science, Education and Public Service
(209) 954-5151, ext: 5893
Applied Science, Business, and Technology Division, Mountain House Campus
(209) 954-5151, ext: (MH) 6072 or(Stockton) 5162
Communication and Languages
(209) 954-5151, ext: 5271
Adjunct Instructor
Communication and Languages
Middle College High School
(209) 954-5151, ext: 5786
Tina Candelo-Mize
Associate Professor
(209) 954-5151, ext: 5315
Adjunct Instructor
Health and Fitness
Adjunct Instructor
Communication and Languages
Photo of Jonathan Cardiel
Applied Science, Business, and Technology Division
(209) 954-5151, ext: 5404
Amanda Cardwell
Adjunct Professor, Euphonium/Tuba
Arts, Humanities, and Multimedia, Music
(209) 954-5151, ext: 5209
Photo of Eric Carey
Auxiliary Services Lead
The Market at Delta
(209) 954-5151, ext: 5085
 Jan Cariati
Instructional Support Asst. II
Arts and Communication Division
(209) 954-5151, ext: 5250
Photo of Kristin Carido
Executive Administrative Assistant
Human Resources
Adjunct Instructor
Administration of Justice, POST Academy