Professor Alicia Stewart addresses students and community members during the recent "GO LIVE with Top 25" event for job hunters
Ready, set, apply: Delta looks to make job hunting easier
Alex Breitler
April 10, 2018

This wasn’t your ordinary job fair. Students crowded into a San Joaquin Delta College classroom one recent afternoon, with the opportunity to meet a major local employer, apply for a job and interview — all on the same day.

The inaugural “GO LIVE with Top 25” event was intended to make it easier than ever for students and community members to enter the workforce. Sitting at their computers, they were able to get help with the application process right there on the spot.

The first company to participate, O.G. Packing and Cold Storage, employs over 1,500 people during its peak season. And 29-year-old Ashley Castillo, who is seeking a certificate in logistics and transportation, arrived at the event determined to land one of those positions.

“I need experience,” she said. “Life has been kind of bumpy for me. Any opportunity given, I’m just blessed and grateful to receive it.”

The event was open to both Delta students and members of the general public. Organizers hope to make it the first in a series featuring some of the region’s top companies.

“The most important difference is we’re not handing out papers and telling individuals to apply on their own,” said Alicia Stewart, professor of business information management at Delta. “We’re using Delta College computers to walk individuals through the application process.”

Tom Spadafore, a representative with O.G. Packing, said events like this help build relationships between the college and the community.

“It’s really invaluable to have a school like Delta College providing the steps for students to come already prepared for the workforce,” he said.

Students at San Joaquin Delta College's "GO LIVE with Top 25" event had a chance to meet an employer, interview and apply all on the same day.