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Delta shines light on career education opportunities
February 02, 2021
STOCKTON – With many workers looking to retool for a new career due to the COVID-19 pandemic, San Joaquin Delta College is shining a light on programs that can launch students directly into high-demand jobs in a relatively short amount of time. 
Delta’s vast array of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs will be on display throughout the month of February, which the College is recognizing as CTE Exploration Month. 
You can learn more about many of these programs at a series of virtual events on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The 30-minute events show how diverse the areas of study are, from agriculture to welding, from early childhood education to electronics.
You can also explore these programs on the Delta College website. 
“Some may think of Delta College as a springboard to a university education, and for many students it certainly is,” said Superintendent/President Dr. Omid Pourzanjani. “But with more than 32 career technical education programs and more than 100 short-term certificates available, there are wonderful opportunities for students to attend Delta and progress directly into the workforce right after graduation, without needing a four-year degree.”
Consider these advantages:
  • Some of Delta’s career education programs have been shown to double or triple students’ incomes after they graduate. More information here: deltacollege.edu/article/delta-college-programs-pay-chancellors-office-says 
  • Some programs can be completed in as little as one year. 
  • More than two-thirds of Delta College students are eligible for free tuition. Even without the waiver, at $46 per unit the College is an affordable choice in an era of extreme college debt. 
  • Across the U.S., half of all STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) call for workers with less than a bachelor’s degree, according to the Association for Career and Technical Education.
“Career technical education programs at Delta are a hidden gem,” said Salvador Vargas, Delta’s dean of CTE and Workforce Development. “Our goal in February is to simply raise awareness, particularly in the COVID-19 era as many have been displaced from their jobs and may be considering a new career. We invite you to attend our upcoming events and urge you to strongly consider what Delta has to offer.”

A look at CTE Exploration Month events (click here to register – you can sign in as a guest):
Feb 2:
Electron Microscopy 11-11:30
Diesel/Heavy Equipment 11:45-12:15
Feb. 4:
Multimedia 11-11:30
Computer Science Network/Technician 11:45-12:15
Feb. 9:
Machine Tool Technology 11-11:30
Engineering Technology 11:45-12:15
Feb. 11:
Automation/Robotics 11-11:30
Electronics Technology 11:45-12:15
Feb. 16:
Correctional Science 11-11:30
POST Academy 11:45-12:15
Feb. 18:
Early Childhood Education 11-11:30
Speech Language Pathology Assistant 11:45-12:15
Feb. 23:
Psychiatric Technician 11-11:30
Radiologic (X-Ray) Technician 11:45-12:15

Feb. 25:
Nursing 11-11:30
Substance Abuse Counselor 11:45-12:15