Alumni Story - Marina Khan

Alumni Maria KhanMarina Khan’s parents watched with pride as their oldest child obtained two degrees from Delta College. 

Marina was the first in her family to pursue higher education.   

“It’s amazing,” she said. “My mother and father are very proud because I have fulfilled their dream.” 

Marina grew up in Lodi after her parents immigrated to the United States from Pakistan. “Not all women are given the opportunity to get an education in their country,” she said.  

She thought she wanted to be a dentist, until she began working at a rehabilitation center where she met patients suffering from dementia. She began taking psychology courses at Delta and has since transferred to the University of the Pacific for a bachelor’s degree in psychology; someday she wants to help women and children who suffer from mental disorders or trauma. 

“When natural disasters occur throughout the globe I want to be there and help the people and be the light of their tough situation,” she said. 

Marina graduated from Lodi High School in 2015 and came to Delta partly because it was close to home, but also because she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to study. At Delta she found a supportive team of professors and counselors who helped chart her course. She struggled with an English class but didn’t quit working until she saw an “A” on her transcript. 

“Coming to Delta College was the best decision I’ve made,” she said.  

Marina said she couldn’t believe it when she was selected to speak at commencement. “I’m honored and excited,” she said. “I’m grateful to share my story of struggle and accomplishments at Delta College.”