Apply to EOPS

Steps to Apply to EOPS


Step 1: Apply and Enroll at San Joaquin Delta College

If you are a new incoming student at Delta College, you will first need to complete the steps to apply and enroll at Delta College. If you are already a Delta College student, you can skip to Step 2!

Apply to Delta!


Step 2: Submit Your EOPS Application

Once you have completed all the enrollment steps, you can submit your application to apply for EOPS. 

Apply to EOPS

After You Apply

Finished with the application steps? Review our "After Your Apply" Information below to see what's next!

What Happens After You Apply to EOPS?

The majority of EOPS students are accepted during the fall semester. In the spring semester, the number of students admitted is conditional on the availability of remaining EOPS budget.

  • All new applications are reviewed in the order received.
  • Incomplete applications will not be given priority.
  • All qualified applicants will be notified through their Delta College's e-mail account regarding acceptance or non-acceptance into the program.

Next Steps after being admitted to EOPS

  1. Attend EOPS Student Orientation: The EOPS Student Orientation is a required activity for all new applicants to EOPS. In order to be officially admitted all new applicants are required to attend the EOPS new student orientation
  2. Sign a Contract: Upon acceptance to the EOPS program, the student will receive a signed copy of the Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC). The contract states that you will voluntarily participate in the various counseling, educational support, and student follow-up activities, as well as abide by the policies, procedures, and timelines established by the EOPS program.