Online Orientation

To being, click the link below for Online Orientation. Please be sure to have your student login and password.

The username is the first part of your Delta College email you were assigned as part of the application process. (e.g. if your email address you were assigned is:, the username to use here is: jsmith123 ).

The password is the same as you would use to log into OKTA. (i.e.

If you have not changed your password via OKTA, the password is either the default password or the one you set when you first logged in outside of OKTA. The default password is SJdc! plus your 6 digit birthdate 

  • Example: If your birthdate is 03/14/2001 your password is: SJdc!031401
    Passwords are case sensitive ("S" and "J" must be capitalized) 

At the end of the orientation, you will be able to schedule an appointment with a counselor for an Abbreviated Student Educational Plan (ASEP).

Login to the Online Orientation