Academic Advising

CalWORKs students receive priority registration. Our Academic Advisors help students plan their semester schedules and enroll in classes. Most students must comply with the CalWORKs county-mandated policy of participating in a minimum of 20/30 hours per week of work-related activities. Our Academic Advisors assist students with this scheduling, including additional activities which count toward the hour requirement. Academic Advisors provide information to students for their CalWORKs Case Managers at HSA, including class grids and book lists. They also complete the ES 53s and send them to the appropriate CalWORKs Case Managers.

Academic Advisors also provide information about, and write referrals for:

The Academic Advisors are here to help students succeed while attending Delta College.

Appointments Are Required.

To schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor, please call (209) 264-2194.

"I personally want to thank my advisor in the CalWORKs department for always making sure I'm ready for success. She has set me up so that I won't fail. She has always checked on me and made sure I was doing okay in my classes. It's because of her caring and providing me with her services that I am able to have an easy road ahead of me. Thank you."

SJDC CalWorks Student