Fashion Club

Club Description

The purpose of Fashion Club consists of several important aspects, each contributing to the enrichment of students on campus.

  •  To create a platform for members to talk about the various facets of the fashion industry and engage in community outreach activities such as clothing drives, fashion shows, or collaborations with local organizations and nonprofits. 
  • To create an inclusive environment where individuals from various background can come together to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of fashion styles, aesthetics, and cultural influences.
  • To provide networking opportunities with professionals in the fashion industry and engage in activities that help build connections through internships, mentorships, and career prospects.

Club Advisors and Officers

Title Name Email
Advisor Leslie Asfour
Co-Advisor Natalie Sconce 
President Lucy Phovisay

Other Resources


TBD, please contact Club President for more information regarding club meetings and events.