Activities Club


Interested in Activities, things to do on campus at SJDC. We invite you to join us. Start off your days (M-F) with us. Enjoy the planned events and fresh air for concerts, family and club's social. Come out for karaoke/Mic days, free food, carnival games, Walk-A-Thons, and more! At Activities Club, we do: Campus Activities and events, we coordinate them to entertain, educate, to promote diversity, for inclusion, and cultural awareness and also to establish a safe environment to build healthy and social relationships on campus


Club Description

Our mission is to build community and to foster leadership development through co-curricular opportunities that will enhance the Delta College campus experience. Our campus goals/objectives are aligned with the InterClub Council (ICC), Associated Students of Delta College (ASDC) and also the Office of Student Activities (SA) by building confident leaders through initiatives that engage students in conversation of personal, group, and community values, it provides students with the necessary skills to create community-focused engagement, it creates an educational experience outside of the classroom, it fosters peer leadership and serves as a neutral and unbiased resource for all students on campus, it enhances the individual and academic success of our club member/community. Our roles are to sponsor Events/Activities to entertain, educate, advocate and to challenge students to be at their best academically, personal, etc., We provide students with the necessary tools and resources for the student members/individual and for the club’s success, we support student advocacy efforts like for the DACA students, we create a unique student involvement on campus which is exclusive to SJDC.

We value respect, leadership, inclusivity, engagement and community service. Get involved to help you develop valuable skills like leadership and to build community on campus. We provide great opportunities by volunteering to give back to our local/global community. Come and learn on how you can make a difference on campus or to help us plan campus-wide events, activities, concerts, etc., to be enjoyed by all students on campus.


Club Advisors and Officers

Title Name Email
Advisor Douglas Murray
President Dennis Nguyen