Cherry Larkins

VOICES: Stockton Women's Art Collective Exhibition, "Alone Together" 




As a child, Cherry Larkins was inspired by her parents in terms of creativity and artistic design. Her father used to paint and embroider on clothing to sell to salons. Cherry was very interested in helping her father with his work. Her father warmly welcomed her aid. He taught her the basics of color i.e. the color wheel, blending and painting. Cherry would take these lessons to heart. 

While her father guided in the field of painting, her mother would inspire Cherry on making clothes. Cherry’s mother was a seamstress, sewing wedding dresses for plus size women. Cherry liked making clothes for her dolls because she was more interested in the fashion rather than the doll itself. Her mother saw this and decided to teach her daughter on how to sew clothes. At the age of six, Cherry was hand stitching dresses (for her Barbie’s) and mastered garment construction. By the age of nine, Cherry had reached the skill level to sew on a sewing machine. Of course, sewing actual clothes.

Sewing and art were two separate things but Cherry never thought to fuse her two favorite talents. 

In spite of the art guidance Cherry received at home, educational institutions were of little help. Grade school was desolate on the subject of art, leaving Cherry to take the initiative by studying the craft through books from the library or other artistic relatives. Yet it wasn’t until high school Cherry had an actual teaching structure. Mrs. Lua, her art teacher, had given Cherry the guidance she needed. Then Cherry went on to continue her education in college.

However, there were trials and tribulations. Some severe enough to shake Cherry’s confidence in her work. She stopped pursuing the arts for 4 years. Placing her passion on a shelf not wanting to face it. Be that as it may, it wasn’t until reuniting with Mrs. Lua, who Cherry considers her mentor, Cherry gained the confidence to continue the arts. The spark was lit and fiery devotion had returned. Cherry had gained the insight to combine her two favorite mediums. Therefore, redefining her passion as an artist.

Artist Statement:

My work is an expression of what I'm feeling at the time, in a way my art is an extension of me. Within this show I found it interesting to have the isolation of the lockdown but the comfort of knowing that, though I am creating alone together with my fellow artists we are making something together. Something uniquely mine and my feelings during this time, and I felt the need to find joy. That even in this suffering there can be joy even if it's for no reason, I just want someone to see my work and smile even if it's for a fleeting moment. In my darkest hour finding a small bit of joy made things just a little bit better. Amongst that, it is important to me to have representation of all types of beauty, shapes, and sizes in my work. All is beautiful to me and it's something I believe in. I am inspired by the font and avant garde designers of Elsa Schiaparelli, the classic silhouettes of Dior's New look, the artistry of Guo Pei, and the playfulness of Moschino . I am visually influenced by botanical illustrations, Art Nouveau, the Pre-Raphaelites art, Art Deco, the works of John Willie, Duane Bryers, Olivia De Berardinis, Gil Elvgren, Leroy Neiman, and Dan Decurlo. What I make whether it's textile wearable art, jewelry production, sculpture, paper art, photography, or traditional painting; is uniquely me and an extension of me. I know people have different artistic tastes so all I can hope for is that someone sees the beauty, whimsy, and sheerness of joy I'm attempting to convey.   



Rainbow Heart, 2020
Fabric Acrylic, thrifted fabrics, sewn dress, size 18
Commission based




Rainbow Heart (details)


Carmen in Flowers, 2020
Fabric Acrylic, thrifted fabric, sewn dress, size 18
Commission based 



Carmen in Flowers (details)


Lovely Ladies of the Magic Kingdom, 2020
Fabric Acrylic, thrifted fabrics, sewn dress, size 18
Commission based




Lovely Ladies of the Magic Kingdom (details)


Her Bag, 2021
Fabric Acrylic, thrifted fabrics, hand designed bag, 20”w x 11” h
Commission based



Her Bag (details)