Kendra Harvey

Visions In Clay 2020

Kendra Harvey |

Artist Statement:

My work consists of animal sculptures that reflect mythological and folkloric narratives. I create new stories, drawing from personal experiences with both mundane and significant events in my life. Events anybody might have, like moving out of your childhood home, new love, or the passing of a family member. Creating a personal illustration, I communicate these stories through animal figures, color interaction, and composition.

I am drawn to building my work expressively with wet clay, using my fingers and tools like paintbrushes. The combination of this method of construction and the glazes I apply creates a surface that appears to be an illustrative landscape. Elevating my pieces to the wall references sacred imagery while also evoking a sense of weightlessness. Their floating positions transform their environment into an ethereal dreamscape. This quality further enhances the idea that these animals are from a spiritual realm rather than reality.

By sharing a glimpse of my personal mythologies, I hope to prompt people to investigate their own.

Earthenware, engobe, underglaze, glaze, backdrop: house paint
(heads individually mounted on painted wall)
36" x 24" x 10"