Tricia Hand

Visions In Clay 2020

Tricia Hand

Artist Statement:

This clay vessel represents a personal belief that human energy explodes as art and that notion is used to create this exhibition piece entitled, ­Handled.

Explore the energy of this art piece as you allow it to manifest into various forms….

  • to touch, to feel, to hold, or to move (something) is Handled
  • to manage or to control (something) is Handled
  • to do the work required for (something) is Handled
  • to deal with, to have responsibility for, or to be in charge of (something) is Handled

My vessel’s opening is fragile and leafed in gold. It invites you inside with light to ask, how will you be handled?

Stoneware clay, mixed media, cone 04 bisque fire, cone 6 glaze fire, and gold leaf detail
25" x 16” x 16”