Julee Richardson

Visions In Clay 2020

Julee Richardson


Artist Statement:

I am a sculptor. My formal undergraduate art training began in Buffalo at the State University of New York.

My sculptures are inspired by what I see.  C. Wright Mills talks of the “sociological imagination,” an understanding of the social forces in society, that shape us. Seeing, understanding and expressing the impact of these social forces, is an integral part of my work.  Using the eye of the artist, my sculptures a rise from the intersection of imagination, interpretation and expression.

“Hurt” is part of a series of works entitled The Unprotected.  Each piece in the series is starkly representational and without apology.   The little girl in this piece looks out at the world from a troubled face. Her lips are full.  Her hair is thick, and her eyes are compelling.  We are drawn to her face because of her bold features and we are forced to look, question and feel her story.   Hurt, should have been protected, but she was not.   

There is a drama in my work. It is the aesthetic interplay between the recognizable, which is accented by mood, texture, color, form and expression.   Some works are gentle and lyrical.  Some are strong and bruising, the spectrum is immense.


Sculpture mix 412, low fire and underglaze
20” x 18” x 21”