Research Experience for Undergraduates – MESA

Every year, MESA students at Delta, participate in highly competitive and well-paid research placements in prestigious universities across the country. Our students also consistently receive the largest cumulative amount of scholarship awards on campus and transfer well prepared for continued success.

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Sabrina Ahmed Stanford University
Leadership Education for Aspiring Physicians (LEAP) 
Maria de la Rosa University of Connecticut
Department of Pharmaceutical Science
Hepatotoxicants and Chemical Injury
Ketty Avila Western Area Power Administration, Colorado 
Monitoring Power Surges in Hydroelectric Power Plants
Wally Zadran
Melissa Trujilla
Maria Charco Munoz
Izel Dominguez
Ismael Barrios
UC Davis, 
Prep Medico
Summer PreMed Program
Daniel Bautista Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Wireless Communication Forensics
Ramon Alonso UC Berkeley - Center for Integrated Nano-Mechanical Systems
Abel Chagoya DTE Energy Engineering Firm, Stockton CA
Gerardo Chavez UC Santa Barbara - Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems
Joseph Cotta UC Santa Barbara - Detecting DNA through Nanoclusters
Illyssa Evans MIT, Cambridge, MA - Metabolic Engineering
Joseph Falcao Sandia National Labs, Livermore, CA - Mechanics of Materials 
Tim Fuller NASA Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL), Pasadena, CA 
Validating Qualitative Risk for Flight & Orbital Assessments
Ashley Grover UC Santa Barbara - Microfluidics
Heriberto Herrera UC Santa Barbara
Gene Expression in Bioluminescent Squid - Cancer Research
Jacob Heth Michigan Technical University - Advanced Propulsion Labs
Thomas Her UC Davis/Chevron - Avenue E
Alex Kehl Cornell University, New York -Boyce Thompson Institute of 
Plant & Molecular Biology Research
Joel Montano Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Sciences
Dolly Nguyen
Patricia Moreno
Luis Garay
Dominique Villasenor
Stanford University School of Medicine 
Summer Residential Premedical Program
Jose Orejel NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA
Aero-Dynamic, Aero-Acoustic and Dynamic Behavior of Rotocraft
Andrew Provencio David Geffen School of Medicine- Los Angeles
Crystal Ruiz PG&E, Civil Engineering Division, Stockton, CA
Noe Ruiz Intel Summer Academy
Ashley Salcedo Identifying Non-Native Invasive Plant Species
Sierra Nevada Environmental Research- CSU Stanislaus
Melissa Spence UC Merced
Optimization Methods for Computational Genomics