Tim Thomas

Adjunct Professor Stanislaus State (Corrections)
Tim Thomas



Hello, my name is Tim Thomas and I have studied Criminal Justice for approximately 20 years. I first begin my field of Corrections with Stockton Parole Office (2000-2003) working with Parole agents. I worked in Law enforcement over 10 years, in Contra Costa County. Currently the Public Safety Director at Peralta Community College District. 

  • The most unusual job I’ve ever had: was detailing cars for a rental company during a summer job from College.  
  • The hardest thing I have done: was entering the Police Academy and passing the exams weekly. The amount of pressure it put on you mentally can take a toll during the process. 
  • My favorite way to relax is: weighting, and playing video games online. 
  • My favorite meal is: Chinese food, and Pizza.  
  • You’d be surprise to know: I always wanted to be a radio DJ. 
  • I am most proud of: my accomplishments and being able to say I worked my dream job and now living the dream job. 
  • My motto is: work hard play later.  
  • The advice I would give to students:  dreams come true just keep working and you write your own narrative. 
Office / TrAC / Department:
Social Science, Education and Public Service
Administration of Justice