Rosemary Rodriguez

Resource Specialist


Science, Engineering, Computer Science, and Math

Rosemary Rodriguez is one of the new Resource Specialists in the Math, Science, Computer Science, and Engineering TrAC.  She was born and raised in Stockton, California.  She is happily married with three beautiful, smart, independent daughters.  Rosemary loves the outdoors and goes camping every chance she gets with her family.  She also enjoys running, swimming, and cooking.

Rosemary graduated from Lincoln High School then decided to attend a vocational school to get a job as quickly as possible.  She graduated from the vocational school valedictorian of her class.  She was hired directly from her externship and worked her way up to Regional Manager.  When her oldest daughter started high school Rosemary decided to go back to school.  She wanted her girls to go to college and felt it was important to lead by example.  Her goal was to earn her degree before her first daughter and succeeded by earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. 

A majority of Rosemary’s career has been in higher education.  She had always wanted to help students achieve their goals.  Rosemary was a first-generation college student herself and knows how much it meant to her when my admissions counselor helped her.  She has worked in various areas such as Career Services, Admissions, and Financial Aid. 

During her previous roles, Rosemary had dealt with many challenges from students and worked closely with education to try and come up with solutions to help the students achieve their career goals.  She is confident this new position will increase the student support and guide them in succeeding with their education.