Claire Kittirath

Resource Specialist


Business and Law

Introducing Claire Fisco Kittirath, a Community College Resource Specialist with over 3 years of dedicated service in this capacity and a commendable track record of over 15 years in higher education.

Claire assumes the pivotal role of Resource Specialist within the Business and Law TrAC, equipped with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara—an institution renowned for its academic excellence. During her tenure at UCSB, Claire played an integral role in a retention program that provided crucial support to first-generation and economically disadvantaged college students, facilitating their seamless integration into the university milieu.

Preceding her current tenure as a Resource Specialist, Claire's experience extended as the Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Services at San Joaquin Delta College. She adeptly interfaced with students in this capacity, skillfully aligning them with a gamut of available college and community resources. Claire's commitment to cultivating substantive relationships with students and various campus departments/programs and community stakeholders underscores her professional ethos.

The purview of her aspirations as a Resource Specialist is distinguished by her fervor for direct engagement with students within the Central Valley. Claire's vocation thrives on guiding and assisting with your educational and vocational ambitions, leveraging her wealth of experience and expertise to serve as a guidepost for your journey.

We look forward to an impactful collaboration ahead.