Math and Science Building. Photo by Brooke Villafana
'I miss campus so much': Students share photos, stories
Alex Breitler
May 08, 2020

We asked students to share their favorite Delta College photos from their camera rolls, and tell us what they missed most about being on campus. Here's what they had to say.

Leonardo Jacuinde

Rainbow over Delta College

Hi, this Leonardo Garcia Jacuinde and I wanted to share this photo for the contest.

The photo was taken in the morning after raining all night. I was walking to class that day, saw the rainbow and thought it was going to be an awesome day. For some reason, I think rainbows bring luck, haha.

I miss going to campus, waking up early to go to class and see my friends. I miss everyone in MESA which is my second family. Since I’ll be transferring, I’ll miss walking by the pond to the library (favorite place) where I would spend hours studying.

I love Delta and hope to go back one day after all this pandemic ends.


Lisa Nguyen

As a Delta College nursing student, I miss being on campus in our amazing simulation lab! This picture was taken when we were in our maternity/labor and delivery rotation.

I love simulation lab because it provides us with great hands on experience and equips us with skills to become great nurses. I am so grateful and proud to be a Delta student!

Nursing simulation lab


Instagram user karlan2017

I have two favorite campus pictures. They're both of my little boy. He's 3 years old and was attending the Child Development Center while I was in school. These pictures were a lot of my motivation when I came back to school as a single mom. Seeing him so happy to get to school and go see his teachers really gave me an encouragement I didnt know I needed.

Young child at Delta CollegeYoung child at Delta College


Florentina Galindo

This is one of my favorite photos. It was at 6:30 a.m. right before my speech class. I came early so I had some time to walk around and practice. It makes me miss coming to campus and enjoying the peace at this time. Especially considering there were less than 50 people there.

Delta College at sunrise


Meghan Torres

Me and my human anatomy class before our practical. Safe to say our brains were DEAD. But we did a pretty good job!

Anatomy exam at Delta College


Valerie Valera

One thing that I miss about being at Delta during this quarantine is the students and faculty. The atmosphere of the staff at Delta College made being on campus welcoming. You can tell that those who work at Delta wanted their students to have the best experience being there. The teachers are passionate about their teachings and helping their students to pass their courses. The events that were hosted while school was in session was a great way to meet and connect with new people.

I've met alot of my friends through club functions on campus and through working the food pantry with compassionate coworkers and bosses. Delta was a great experience and it will be bittersweet when I graduate this Spring.

The Plaza at Delta College


Anmol Sharma

Delta campus from the Math and Science BuildingDuring the beginning of every semester, I would mark down the holidays on my calendar with utmost satisfaction and joy thinking that I would spend those days like a sloth on my bed with no worries of attending the lectures on campus.

I have never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would admit this but I guess I truly miss being on my campus. Now, after being locked in the house for almost 3 weeks, I miss walking freely on the campus, working in the labs or just hanging around in the library, the MESA room or under the sun in the Dolores Huerta Plaza.

I clicked this picture on February 28th, 2020 from the third floor of SCMA right before my physics class. It just makes me wonder that there was a time without the 6 feet rule or any required coverings on the face.

There was a time when we would hug our friends to show our affection and love without having a subconscious thought of the COVID-19 spread through human contact. I am definitely looking forward to attending the Fall Semester on campus rather than being at home in front of my computer all day. Until then, let's stay grateful to everyone who is working right now and remember what Albus Dumbledore told us, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.”


Giselle Hernandez

The story behind this picture is that I was super late to my Com St 1A class and I was rushing but I got a glance of how it looked and I couldn’t help but stop and take a picture.

It looked way too beautiful!

What I miss most about being on campus is looking at the sunsets on my way to class. It was definitely nice to have an evening class.

Sunset over the Math and Science Building


Ashley Simmons

This is a beautiful photo of my birthday cake last semester. Mrs. Patricia Lamar in the Budd building had just hired me to work in the Empowerment Resource Program and she surprised me with this delicious cake. I couldn't believe she remembered I loved chocolate, let alone that it was my birthday.

She is a wonderful member of the Delta College staff. I love being a Mustang and I miss the campus so much.

Ashley's birthday cake


Janira Garcia

This picture was taken a couple months ago on my way to class.

One thing I miss about being on campus is walking to my evening class and seeing the squirrels randomly pop out.

Trees on the Delta College campus


Adrian Darling

Took this picture on March 4th. I miss having class on campus. I like to take photos of the campus. I have many. I have not worked since March 10th too and this is not a good thing for me. I wish life could go back to normal, although what is that anymore?

Elizabeth Humbargar garden at Delta College


Estrella Equihua

Sunset over Delta College

I miss the beautiful sunsets I’d see going to class in the evenings.

I always preferred on campus classes.



Instagram user klopezsarabia

I took this picture after a rainstorm. I had just gotten out of my classes and was walking to the parking lot to head home. I started to see the sky clear up and as I looked up I had seen a beautiful, colorful rainbow. I grabbed my phone as I thought to quickly grab this beautiful image that I could see from the Science and Math Building.

I miss seeing the beautifully blossomed trees that are around the whole campus. Being able to attend face-to-face classes allows me to walk around campus and enjoy the beauty that surrounds the Delta Campus.

Rainbow over Delta College


Nicole Vian Tongco

Feeding the koiMy favorite photo at Delta. It’s a picture of my boyfriend feeding the koi.

This is our favorite spot to meet up each time our class ended or when it’s time to go home.

I forgot to add, what I miss most about Delta is during the peaceful times when everyone’s in class and only a handful of people are just coming to school or getting out and it’s not so hectic.

Looking at the quad and everyone’s just relaxed around the pond or on the grass taking naps.


Oriona Fortune

I have this picture of my car next to another student's car, and I know it’s lame but I don’t meet a lot of people with Miatas and am always excited when I see older ones so I snapped this picture of our cars parked next to each other.

The caption says “Hubert is making friends at school." Hubert is the name I gave my car and I thought they looked really nice next to each other.

It’s always really cool to see people with similar interests.

Twin cars in the Delta College parking lot


Brooke Villafana

I took this photo one morning on my way to the Science and Math Building.

Clouds over the Math and Science Building

The photo was taken March 10, only a few days before Spring Break. It was a beautiful morning and sunrise, and the light was shining through the grass and trees.

Made me grateful to be there and at Delta!

The things I miss most about campus are the friends I've made there and being in class learning!


Jonathan Velez

I included two photos, and these photos were taken from the fourth floor of the Holt building. It overlooks the other buildings towards the Math and Science Building. For me, it is symbolic. I love nature, and love Delta because it represents a community.

A community that is thirsty for knowledge, and through that knowledge, we grow as individuals, and in turn, as a community.

Clouds over Delta College

The clouds represent that cohesiveness that I believe is attainable through knowledge, which is something that can be found at Delta. The buildings to me represent the different types of knowledge a person can gain.

I'm a music major, and am passionate about what I do, yet, I know that the other person across the field might be a bio major, and he or she is just as passionate, or even more passionate about what they do, contributing to this sense of community.

Clouds over Delta College

I'm in my last semester at Delta, and I miss these views most, because they trigger in me all of the memories that I have had through my interactions with my professors, colleagues, peers, and even the wonderful thoughts I'd have while walking from building to building. Thank you!


Melissa Zaremba

Throwback photo to one of my first football games.

Miss this but I am graduating this semester.

Cheerleader at football game


Juan Parocua

I miss going to my animal science class and working with the animals.

This photo was when we were working with the sheep.

Working with sheep


Azin Ebrahimzadeh

Crowds of students on the Delta campusLast semester, our team from the Business and Entrepreneurship Club was trying to sell the tickets for our new event, Delta's Got Talent, to raise money for our Delta College food pantry.

Every day, our team hung out for hours in the quad hoping to sell some tickets. One day, when I came out of my class, I saw large number of high school students in the quad. I took this picture and sent it to our group chat and said, “Look, the quad is packed today with students. We can sell lots of tickets!”

By doing the talent show, our club was able to raise $1,800 for our food pantry. What I’ve missed most is our activities in our school as students. This photo reminds me of the days we were gathered together to help our schoolmates, with the help of others. It reminds me of the power of teamwork, and how we can achieve great things if we work together.


Wajeeha Naeem

This picture was taken on the last day of summer school 2018. My friend and I attended last day of the class and were hanging around the campus. This is my last semester at Delta and I’ll be missing Delta a lot. From randomly spotting your friends at campus to walking with them to class, endless talks in the parking lot. I’ll miss it so much.

Delta College brought plethora of happiness and amazing friends in my life and it’ll always be a big part of my life. I am so grateful for being a Delta student.

Standing by the koi pond

I know Delta college will be nostalgic one day because I am almost transferring to university and I’ll miss Delta a lot. All the amazing professors who helped me succeed to all the amazing friends I made in ACS club and around. I’ll miss them a lot. Best wishes.


Beatriz Chavez

I believe remembering our campus by sharing important memories we had will make us value our community college. You could also see how San Joaquin Delta College is here for their students.

What I miss the most is walking through class and viewing the beautiful waterfall each day. Also, the other picture was the last picture while saying my goodbyes to a beautiful college, since I was going to graduate that year. Thank you! Delta Mustangs, you're not alone :) We're still here for you.

Budd fountain


Sara Lopez

Hanging out with friends in the QuadThe background behind this photo: It was during prep for Mustang week and the weather/campus was perfect!

The three of us had just graduated high school and were just starting to attend SJDC! We fell in love with the campus and felt so at home!

Now we are finishing our time at Delta but these two years have been filled with amazing professors, opportunities, experiences in photo labs, leadership workshops and much more!

I am proud to say I was a student and alum now of SJDC.

What I miss most about the campus is all the parking lot struggles, haha! How everyone really looked after each other -- professors, janitors, students, everyone!!

"I found your keys" noteOne short experience was that I actually had misplaced my car keys after class and was so worried! Long story short, I had left them hanging on the door of my car and another student found them and turned them in to their professor!!!

It took me not even an hour to find them and get them back!! Like wow!!

Also, when I got home I realized that they had even left a note about finding my keys!! Shows so much about what kind of school Delta is and the real community and trust that everyone has! I love our campus!!!


Aisha Ahmed

Beautiful view of DeRicco Student Services Building. This picture was taken April 15, 2019 when Spring was starting.

Flowers outside DeRicco


Jesus Avecedo

This is my favorite photo on campus. The story behind this is me and some friends were hanging out on campus on March 10th just watching the koi pond. What I miss most on campus is seeing my friends.

Koi coming to the surface