Entrepreneurship students at Delta College
Delta offers certificates for budding entrepreneurs, small business owners
April 26, 2021

Did you know Delta College offers certificates for entrepreneurs and those who dream of running their own small business?    Small Business Week

You can learn all about these opportunities during a special presentation at 10 a.m. May 6, part of Visit Stockton’s Small Business Week.

About the certificates:

Entrepreneurship Certificate of Achievement

Who hasn't dreamed of starting their own business venture now and then? This certificate prepares students to do just that. The focus is on developing the entrepreneurial mindset, identifying and evaluating business opportunities, pitching the business idea, and developing a business plan.

Students who finish the program will be able to:

  • Apply marketing, sales, advertising and customer service strategies to launch successful businesses.
  • Demonstrate the understanding of basic bookkeeping as well as the area of risk management.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge needed to create and effectively pitch the business plan to prospective lenders and investors.

Meet some of the budding young entrepreneurs from Delta's first Student Entrepreneur Expo in 2019.

Small Business Certificate of Achievement

There's lots to know about running your own business. Students pursuing this certificate learn the skills, knowledge, and training for positions as a small business owner or as an assistant in a small business enterprise.

This includes the ability to prepare a business plan, analyze the funding required to start a business, develop a marketing plan, set up an elementary bookkeeping system, and more.

Students who finish the program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of various risk management systems, loss prevention and insurance needed for small business owners.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of marketing, personal selling, advertising and customer service strategies used in the operation of a small business.
  • Describe legal issues facing small business owners as well as define the various legal structures including sole proprietorship, partnerships and corporations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of personal finance, bookkeeping and record keeping necessary to operate a small business.
  • Write a business plan and know how to communicate the elements of the business plan for a start-up or existing business.

Ready to chase those dreams of yours? Apply now at deltacollege.edu/apply.