Talking Spirits Club


Website: We accept, all people, without discrimination of nationality, age, creed, color, culture, ethnicity, religion, economic status, gender, sex (sexual orientation), or physical limitation (disability). You need NOT to be majoring as a historian, anthropologist, etc. to be part/join our group/community. (All information will be posted on Remind App. (cell phones), FB, SJDC Talking Spirit Club and DeltaLink/OrgSync, Talking Spirit Club). Meetings start Sharp, on time. Please attend! Last year meetings took place on Monday, May 6th and 20th, 2019, at same place and time (Flyers were posted on campus). For Spring 2020, Our first (1) meeting was on Friday, January 31, 2020 at 11-12pm, sharp in Budd #304, (TBA). Our next (2nd) meeting took place on: Monday, February 3, at same time & location (TBA on social media Delta Link, Remind). We will have weekly meetings on Mondays from 1130am-1230pm in Budd #304. Our Adviser: is Coach Murray, come to bring new ideas, to help us plan our future/current events for the whole semester. Please JOIN "Remind" on cell "Talking Spirit Club" to be Reminded of our future meetings, events, etc. Thank you and Hope to see you here! :) During our get together's, we encourage open and respectful communication from all members. We will be discussing of, on-going and future community service, gatherings, fundraisers, speakers, field trips and social events for our Indigenous/Native members/community. We will be supporting academic success and gaining cultural, social, educational, general knowledge from our assisting members, families, elders, speakers, professors, etc. on multicultural and diversity topics, If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Adviser: Coach Murray at or come to Budd #304, Office Hours, Mon-Fri. 10-12pm. Thank you in advance for attending our meetings. "For the advancement of Indigenous and Native Peoples through education"

Club Description

The SJDC Talking Spirits Club (TSC) is to develop multicultural awareness and recognize Indigenous and Native Peoples and their culture. In this area there is a large amount of tribes-peoples committed to learning their cultural heritage; the Talking Spirits formed together to build a bridge to form a connection in identifying their cultural traditions, with respect and accepting diversity.



Club Advisors and Officers

Title Name Email
Advisor Douglas Murray
President Kevin Keo