Designated contact for LBGTQ+ Community

In 2011, the landscape of higher education in California underwent a transformative change with the approval of AB 620, the Equal Access in Higher Education Act. This landmark bill sought to promote inclusivity by revising the definition of gender within the Equity in Higher Education Act to include "gender expression."

One of the pivotal provisions of AB620 was the introduction of a designated point person within each community college district that serves as a point of contact for members of the campus community who are also part of the LGBTQ+ community. This move was a bold step towards fostering a more welcoming and supportive environment for the diverse community that constitutes higher education institutions.

The bill mandated that, at the very least, the name and contact information of the designated employee be made readily accessible. This information was to be published on the Internet Web site for the respective campus and included in any printed and Internet-based campus directories. By doing so, AB620 aimed to ensure transparency and easy access to resources for the LGBT community within the college setting.

The implementation of this point person system was a strategic move to address the unique challenges faced by LGBT individuals in the academic sphere. The designated point persons were envisioned to be knowledgeable allies, offering guidance and support to those seeking assistance or resources related to LGBT concerns.

This proactive approach to inclusivity not only reflected a commitment to diversity but also signified a broader acknowledgment of the importance of creating safe and supportive spaces for all members of the academic community.

In essence, AB620 marked a turning point in the pursuit of equality within higher education in California. By recognizing the diverse needs of the LGBT community and institutionalizing support through designated point persons, the legislation not only aimed to create a more inclusive academic environment but also served as a beacon for future initiatives promoting equal access and representation in higher education across the nation.

Examples of how the Designated Contact Role will serve our Campus Community:

  • Serve as a main point of contact for students to access community and support on campus,
  • Receive reports of students who experiences bias treatment on campus based on their gender and sexuality and act as liaison with Title IX and other offices as appropriate,
  • Work with planning groups for LGBTQIA+ focused programming and events,
  • Encourage campus participation in CCC LGBTQIA+ Summit,
  • Consult on new policies and procedures affecting queer and trans students such as chosen name and pronoun implementation programs,
  • Create ally ship trainings and workshops for the campus,
  • Consult or lead spending of AB 132 funds (Basic Needs Funding) and
  • Advocate for LGBTQIA+ needs and concerns on campus and in assigned shared governance meetings.



San Joaquin Delta College's designated AB620 contact:

Ricky Gutierrez-MaldonadoDr. Ricky Gutierrez-Maldonado (he | him | él)
Acting Director of Student Activities
Phone: (209) 954-5102