Delta grads Chalia La Tour and Ceazar Cabreros
Delta Grads Making a Name for Themselves!
Jim Vergara
December 01, 2017

Delta Grads Chalia LaTour and Ceazar Cabreros

It's fair to say that Delta grads Chalia LaTour and Ceazar Cabreros aren't trying to make waves in Hollywood and the fashion industry — they already have!

There's a strong possibility you've seen Chalia LaTour's work in such TV and movie appearances as: The Good Fight (CBS), Elementary (CBS), The Future is Bright and The Understudy, to name a few.

Chalia LaTour is a Delta Class of 2009 Humanities grad, who also completed Delta's Actors Training Program. She earned her Master of Arts at the Yale School of Drama Acting Progam. Chalia says she's a "proud California native, with a dedication to work that challenges and hopes to inspire." Chalia is also an activist for equity within the arts/entertainment industry. 

Ceazar Cabreros, a Filipino immigrant and Weston Ranch HS grad, came to Delta to get his Apparel Design Degree. After graduating from Delta, Ceazar moved to New York and was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology — and later, their exclusive Fashion Arts Program where he received much recognition. After working for a number of firms, fashion design trendsetter Marchesa recruited him.

Ceazar is now the head designer for Marchesa Notte, an offshoot of Marchesa which specializes in red-carpet events and designs for the younger crowd. His sketches have been featured in People magazine, in particular, the wedding dress designs for actress, dancer, and former Dancing with the Stars judge, Julianne Hough.