The San Joaquin General Hospital-Radiologic Technology Program is a two-year program in which graduates receive a certificate. Graduates are eligible to complete state certification examinations qualifying them to practice as a Certified Radiologic Technologists (CRT) in the state of California. With the additional, complementary completion of a degree, graduates are eligible to partake in national boards to become Registered Radiologic Technologists (RT-ARRT). Those accepted without a degree must have completed additional specified general education coursework to assure concurrent graduation from Delta College at the time of graduation from the school. Beginning in 2015 possession of an associate degree became a requirement for taking the National Board Exam (ARRT). Recognizing that Certification and Registration are intermediary to satisfying our program goals -- Students / Graduates will be adequately prepared to become entry-level radiographers/professionals in the field of Medical Imaging --a major focus will be assuring degree completion either prior to or concurrent with program graduation. Radiologic Technologists work in the x-ray departments of hospitals, surgical centers, physicians' offices, and clinics.

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The application window for our 2016 lottery closed on 11 March, 2016 and the drawing was held on 31 May. Twelve students and two alternates were selected to begin our 2016 class. Overall, we experienced an overwhelming number of applicants in 2016.

In an effort to assist Delta College in satisfying their regency requirements we agreed to some changes in our current selection process. We will not have another drawing in 2017, 2018, and possibly 2019. In the meanwhile, we have constructed a waitlist from the 2016 lottery pool selected in the order drawn from those above the established cutoff score. 39 names have been placed on this list. Those on the list will be notified by e-mail of their status. Depending on the job market we will select 12 to 14 students per year from this list. In 2019 seats will be filled first from the wait list. If we do not have enough remaining candidates to fill the class we will have another drawing to fill the remaining seats. Similar criteria will be applied. In 2019 we intend to replace our Prior Knowledge Test with the HESI standardized Test.

General Information

Classroom and laboratory instruction takes place at San Joaquin General Hospital, which is located in French Camp, approximately five miles south of downtown Stockton just off of Interstate-5. Clinical instruction takes place at each of the clinical affiliates mentioned above. The first day of class for new students is on August 17 (2016). School hours are normally 8:00 - 4:30, Monday through Friday.

Our hospital-based School of Radiologic Technology is a major component of the San Joaquin General Hospital and the Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department. As such we share their values, dedication, and commitment to providing the highest quality health care, education, and training. Our educational program remains community-oriented, culturally sensitive, and highly affordable.


The School of Radiologic Technology is sponsored by San Joaquin General Hospital. Students are awarded a graduation certificate upon the completion of 24 months of full-time professional studies at San Joaquin General Hospital. Through a partnership with San Joaquin Delta College, students are awarded academic credit for coursework completed at the school. Therefore, students accepted into the program must enroll for classes through Delta College. A certificate is awarded by the school for completion of all major coursework (classroom, laboratories, and clinical experience) in Radiography. Starting in 2013, students entering the program without a prior degree will undergo graduation checks at Delta to assure satisfaction of all remaining general education/degree requirements or identify any deficiencies. The student will be responsible for completion of all pre-registry requirements prior to graduation. Program completion (for ARRT eligibility) consists of holding an associate degree or higher and graduating from the School. The school maintains clinical affiliations with San Joaquin General Hospital, St. Joseph's Medical Center, Dameron Hospital, and Lodi Memorial Hospital.


The school meets the standards of accreditation as established by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology, (JRCERT, 20 N. Wacker Dr., Suite 2850, Chicago, IL 60606, (Ph: 312-704-5300) (Fax: 312-704-5304),, and approved by the California State Department of Health, Radiologic Health Branch, (P.O. Box 997414, Sacramento, CA 95899-7414, (916) 327-5106).

School Mission

We are committed to the community, the student, and the potential radiographer. We will provide the means to prepare students to become entry-level professionals in the field. We will provide the community with well-educated, fully competent, highly motivated medical imaging professionals. We will further attempt to instill the desire for continued professional growth and lifelong learning, the ability to work within a team environment, and the tools with which to venture beyond and chose to become dynamic members of the team or leaders in the field of medical imaging.

Concerns: We will strive to develop professionals by fostering an environment of academic and clinical excellence and diversity. To facilitate a continued development of personal and professional goals we believe that the student must build upon a broad academic foundation of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Foremost we will foster a global knowledge base and promote the development of strong communication skills, creativity, self-direction, critical thinking, and commitment to life-long learning. Beyond this we will provide students with the technical education to safely and competently perform radiologic procedures and respond to the needs of patients with competence and compassion.

In fulfillment of our mission, we nurture strong affiliations with the local San Joaquin Delta Community College as a source for all non-major supplementary and supporting coursework and with Clinical facilities housing state of the art modalities, digital imaging, and PACS.

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Consumer Information and Cost

For consumer information about the cost to complete certificate programs and completion rates, view our Gainful Employment Disclosures.

Contact Information

Jerrold T. Camara, Program Director
Phone: (209)468-6236
San Joaquin General Hospital
School of Radiologic Technology
P.O. Box 102
Stockton, CA