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Campus Map

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The campus map is a custom block placed on a specific page that shows specific locations and POIs within those locations

The Map Block is placed using the standard Drupal blocks configuration found at /admin/structure/block The block name is Custom KWall Map. e A Google API key will need to be acquired. A map overlay can be added as well. The NE and SW coordinates must be input (with or without overlay). When an overlay is created the coordinates must match up with the corners of the image. 

The Map Color option at the time of development is used for future functionality. If a specific map styling is to be applied, it must be created using a map tool such as and changed in the kwall_map JS code in the initMap() funtion in the 'styles' array. This will require a developer with backend development abilities.

The current map can be found at /node/132   If this has changed since development, you can look it up and see what page the block was palced on in the block confguration from above.

Too add locations, add content of type 'Location'

You can upload a specific marker image as well as an image that goes in the pop-up window when clicking on a location in the map

In the 'Location' tab at the bottom of the node add/edit screen, there is a Google Autocomplete field that will look up the address. Once the approximate address is found, the marker can be moved on the map widget window for a more precise indication o fthe location when viewed on the campus map.

When viewing a spcific location's node, there is a link to 'See on Map'. This will take the user to the campus map with only that one location showing. There is a 'See All' button on the map to show all the campus locations.

When viewing a marker on the campus location map, a dropdown list of POIs shows up in the sidebar list as well as the popup window. These are edited through the location content.

There is also a 'Get Directions' link that will open up Google maps with the coordinates of the location.