Student Equity Plan

Leading into the 2014 and 2015 academic year, Delta College developed a comprehensive Student Equity Plan. The process for devising the Student Equity Plan for the San Joaquin Delta College District (Delta College or the District) was one that afforded our District an opportunity to celebrate those programs and services that are already supporting success for a wide array of student populations as well as to identify the need to develop strategies to close existing achievement gaps in each of the five student success indicator areas: Access, ESL/Basic Skills Completion, Course Completion, Degree and Certificate Completion as well as Transfer. 

"Through the implementation of the Student Equity Plan, the District will not only continue to identify barriers experienced by the target populations which impede the ability to achieve success but also operationalize goals and activities that will mitigate the disproportionate impact that the target groups are experiencing across the five student success indicators."

While our campus-based research provides data that reaffirms how effective many of our existing success efforts are at helping students achieve desired student outcomes, the evidence is equally clear that there are student achievement gaps that need to be addressed in order for a number of our most vulnerable and historically underserved student populations to enjoy comparable student success.