Overview of the Student Equity Program

The Student Equity Program's focus is to ensure equal educational opportunities and to promote student success for all students. We work to identify and serve for our most vulnerable and historically under-served student populations. We are committed to addressing the needs of these disproportionately impacted students, but also to advance a model of institutional collaboration that will help us launch an integrated strategy for accelerating student success and equity.

Student equity is defined as helping students achieve equal outcomes on success indicators as compared to either their own percentage in the community or college student body, or to other student groups. At Delta College, Equity equals Fairness. Where students are treated equitably. It demonstrates that when different individuals are given different supports, it makes it possible for them to all have equal access.


How We Are Addressing Student Achievement Gaps

Addressing student achievement gaps through ivesitigation, integration, innovation and implementation

Through collective institutional collaboration, we continue to engage in a cycle of investigation, integration, innovation, and implementation in order to address student achievement gaps so that our most vulnerable and historically underserved student populations can enjoy comparable student success.  

We believe that our programs, initiatives, and services, both current and future, will support the vitality of student success and student equity as well as the vitality of the institution and diversity.