Requirements & Responsibilities

Continued Eligibility for EOPS

You need to meet the following EOPS/CARE Program requirements to be approved to receive EOPS/CARE services for the current semester. Your failure to comply will prevent the CARE Program from providing you services in a timely manner.

  • Be in compliance with the EOPS/CARE Programs.
  • You must be enrolled in at least 12 units of approved SEP courses.
  • Submit a recent copy of CalWORKs Welfare to Work contract if you are in the CalWORKs Welfare to Work Program.
  • You should have a completed FAFSA on file with Financial Aid showing unmet need.
  • You must qualify for the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver (BOGW), Type A or B.
  • Have an SEP (Student Education Plan) on file.

Continued Eligibility for CARE

  • Fulfill EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract
  • Submit a Passport to Services dated the term you are participating in the program.
  • Attend CARE workshops and activities

Limitations on Eligibility

A student who has met the eligibility requirements, and who participates without term-to-term interruption, shall continue to be eligible, until the student

  • Has completed seventy (70) degree applicable credit units of instruction, or six consecutive semesters or,
  • Has failed to meet the terms, conditions, and follow-up provisions of the Student Education Plan and/or the EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC).

Note:  The main method of communication you will receive from the EOPS/CARE Department will be via your student email address.  Emails will be sent to you with deadlines and other important information.  Read your Delta College Student email often. Submit all forms to the EOPS/CARE Service Counter, DeRicco Student Service Building - Counseling & Special Services.

Your Responsibilities

  • As an EOP&S student, you are asked to fulfill the following responsibilities in order to continue receiving services:

EOPS Counseling

  • Students are required to meet with your EOPS counselor 3 times during the course of the semester.

Comprehensive Student Education Plan (CSEP)

  • A CSEP Is developed by an EOPS counselor for you, to identify the courses in which you will need to enroll each semester, to complete the requirements for your certificate, associate, and/or university program of study.

EOPS Workshops

  • Students should highly consider attending approved EOPS workshops which can expose you to information and experiences which will strengthen and broaden your understanding of campus and community resources. Attending a workshop cannot take the place of an EOPS counseling appointment.

EOPS Academic Progress Reports

  • Academic Progress Report - Self Assessment is an activity initiated by EOPS in which students provide a self-assessment of their academic progress. Students will be required to complete 3 progress reports during the course of the semester. The progress reports will be available as a link through your student email. Students should check Important Dates for more information.

Note: Failure to complete one or more of these responsibilities will affect your continued eligibility and lead to your disqualification from the EOPS program and its services.